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 The idea of establishing the Genomic Research Center (GRC) was officially put to action in 2007. SBMU-GRC is the first research center in genomics at the national level.

The age pyramid and the rate of population growth in the country, as well as the presence of different ethnic groups in Iran, the high rate of intra-familial marriages, increase in the literacy level in the society, and the people’s request for health-treatment services, changes in the prevalence pattern of diseases with their new requirements for health and treatment, the high rate of genetic diseases and disorders, the present health care network and its capacity for rendering preliminary health care (PHC) services, and also the accessibility to new science and technology, especially the discovery of human genomic map and its achievements thereafter were all among the factors for establishing SBMU-GRC at one of the most valid universities in the nation, Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences.    


GRC at SBMU has been founded in 2012 as the first genomic research center at the national level.

Iranian population growth rate, population diversity with numerous ethnic group, high rate of consanguineous marriages, promotion of public literacy, increased demands for public health  services, changes in fashion of diseases, strength and preferences in  public health services, successful experiences in Primary Health Care services, availabilities of new technologies and sciences are main reasons to establish of Genomic Research Center.

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