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February 24, 2018 - 
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Presently, the university benefits from 12 schools admitting students in a wide and varied range of fields…


The university includes 4 research institutes, and 62

Research centers…


The university includes 12 educational hospitals.


The SBUMS as the 2nd largest medical university in Iran, with an acknowledged reputation
for excellence in training and research is honored to have responsibility of education for more than 12500 students in field of medicine and allied medical sciences…



Presently, the university is publishing 30 scientific journals. 26 of these journals are ranked as having the “Scientific- Research Rank”… 




IDL is an advanced system which gives you simple and one step access to all your electronic resources at the Iranian National Medical Digital Library...



  • Holding the first international congress of pharmaceutical novelty with the help of the Pharmaceutical Sciences Research Center of the university at Razi Conference Hall

  • Celebrating Fajr Festival with the presence of the universities international students

  • ....

  • Simorgh International Festival Invites the World Artist Students

  • The dispatch of 13 emergency medicine specialists from Iranian medical universities to France

  • The third International congress and the seventh National Congress of Brucellosis from December 24, 2017 till December 26, 2017 at Imam Khomeini’s International Conference Hall

  • Meeting between University's Vice-Chancellor of International Affairs and Dr. Abhiijeet Wahegaonkar, Head of the Department of the Sancheti Institute for Orthopedics and Rehabilitation in India

  • The first workshop with the focus on internationalization of medical education

  • 18th Abu Reihan Birouni Festival - Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences –

  • Dr. Mehrdad Faizi, the Vice-Chancellor of International Affairs, met with Dr. Sasan Sabouri, Professor of Anesthesiology at Harvard University on Saturday, …..

  • The university hosted leading scientist of the Islamic world

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