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  • Mentha pulegium effects on Her-2 receptor
  • Laboratory production of TNF-α Monoclonal antibody
  • Optimization and yield enhancement of human growth hormone production process in Pichia Pastoris
  • Production of bi-specific anticancer antibody (Blinatumomab) against CD19 and CD3 in engineered CHO cells by establishing a targeted gene integration system
  • Screening of cytotoxic effects of diethyl ether, methanol and n-hexane extract three species of Persian Gulf native sponges called Haliclonasp, sea cucumber (Holothuria Parva) and Phaulsia nigraon skin animal model with its cells and mitochondria
  • To search anticarcinogenic and cytotoxic effects of Persian Gulf sea cucumber species (Holothuria sabra), Persian Gulf native sponges (ircinia aruensis ) and (Pyura camranica) extracts on animal model with hepatocellular carcinoma using isolated hepatocytes and mitochondria

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