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  The SBMU School of Dentistry was founded in 1965 and began its mission with 120 students. Currently, due to the qualitative and quantitative expansion of its activities, it has become one of the most outstanding schools of dentistry at the national level by obtaining ISO 9001 Certificate. There are now 500 students of dentistry, 121 graduate students, as well as 13 PhD students, 15 fellowships, and 100 undergraduate students in prosthesis. In the latest evaluations by the Specialist & Educational Dentistry Council, and considering all standards and indexes for the scores obtained, the SBMU School of Dentistry has obtained the highest scores nationally. In addition to offering general dentistry courses, there are 10 dentistry specialty programs, 2 programs at the PhD levels, and 6 programs at the fellowship levels, as well as undergraduate programs in prosthesis at BSC levels (directly offered from associate degree level and high school diploma). The SBMU School of Dentistry has reached a valid and reliable place at national, regional, and international level due to its highest quality offered in different fields of dentistry.

The SBMU School of Dentistry benefits from the collaboration of 114 full time academic staff in 11 academic departments, oral and dental health, and social dentistry, as well as in prosthodontics.  Student-centeredness is the approach that the school is following in all its educational activities, in which all students are considered as the colleagues, respecting them warmly and with courtesy. With an area of 16000 m², the SBMU School of Dentistry includes the most modern dentistry equipment and technology, as well as dental clinics and labs, pathology labs, and also the classes equipped with the hi-tech audio-visual machinery.   

There is also a scientific-specialized journal which publishes the most recent developments in the world. The interested parties may visit its site ( Presently, all activities at the school are performed through automation and computerized systems. For example, all information regarding the patients and their admission, students’ files (such as registration, offered courses, students’ current educational conditions, etc.), and the information about the academic staff (including their biographies, specialties, scientific activities and interests, etc.), the library (searching textbooks, Persian and English articles, and students’ dissertations), research programs (conducted research activity reports, or those under performance by the academic staff and the students), as well as the activities in the accounting and supplies sections are all performed with suitable care and fast. The Library, The Hall, Research Center, and the IT Sections are all located in the main building and easily accessible to the students and the academic staff.  

Moreover, Medline services, and the IT are accessible round the clock. For more information surf,  

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