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The SBMU Phytochemistry Research Center (PCRC) was unofficially established in 2006 in collaboration of the SBMU School of Pharmacy and HEJ Research Institute of Chemistry of Pakistan, and following extensive researches in phytochemistry, it was officially approved by the Ministry of Health, Treatment, and Medical Education as one the SBMU research centers.

Since then, there have been numerous invaluable researches conducted at SBMU PCRC. There have been various articles and abstracts published in academic journals and seminars. Moreover, there have been five textbooks published in Fluid Chromatography, Mass Spectrometry, Psychotropic Compounds, Forbidden Compounds in Sports, and Challenges and Errors in Fluid Spectrometry in audio visual forms.

 The Members of the Board of the SBMU PCRC include the following Professors:

  • Sayyed Abdol-Majid Ayatollahi (SBMU PCRC Director);
  • Farzad Kobar Fard (SBMU PCRC Deputy);
  • Hassan Vahidi;
  • Sayyed Abbass Tabatabaii;
  • Hassan Houshdar Tehrani

The SBMU PCRC, benefiting from the suitable facilities and experienced academic staff, is continuing its activities in isolating, determining the structure, synthesizing new derivatives,, and determining biological activities of the herbal compounds. In collaboration with the HEJ Research Institute of Chemistry of Pakistan, and especially those of Professor Eqbal Chodari, has had several jint projects conducted in its list of academic activities. Sending students at post-graduate levels to HEJ Research Institute of Chemistry of Pakistan (which is one of the most valid research centers in herbal medicine globally) in the fields of pharmacognosy, phytochemistry, and molecular medicine has provided extensive research grounds for the students and SBMU PCRC.

The SBMU PCRC has obtained the permission to hold specialty program periods in PhD by Research since 2012. 

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