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 The SBMU Endocrinology Research center (ERC) is one of the centers of the Research Institute for Endocrine Sciences (SBMU RIES) which has been known as one of the outstanding research center, the country’s scientific central pole, and the center for WHO collaborations.

The SBMU ERC has been the first of its kind in the field of endocrinology, beginning its mission in 1981, and with its development and advances, it was changed to the SBMU RIES and working in line with its mission. 


  1. Conducting epidemiologic, fundamental researches; designing and initiating intervention projects in endocrinology diseases;
  2. Planning and initiating national screening programs about the prevalence of goiter and iodine deficiency in collaboration and the support of the Ministry of Health, Treatment, and medical Education;
  3. Collaborating with WHO and other related bodies in charge of preventing disorders related to iodine deficiency in the Middle east and North Africa;
  4. Cooperation with the other centers in SBMU RIES in training the human resources in endocrinology as well as holding short-term and long-term courses and educational-research workshops;
  5. Producing valid, and suitable knowledge, and publishing the results of the researches conducted in order to inform and train the society, as well as offering consultations to the authorities at the Ministry of Health, and other international related bodies in line with the policies and goals of the SBMU RIES;

  The Activities Performed at the Center:

  1. Producing knowledge through publishing more than 300 articles indexed in journals indexed in ISI;
  2. Holding symposia and workshops related to thyroid diseases;
  3. Determining the borderlines for a normal thyroid medical lab test.

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