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In 2007, the SBMU Physical-Therapy Research Center (PTRC) was established to respond to the following goals: 

  1. Responding to the basic research and treatment needs in the field;
  2. Performing physical therapy, producing, and enriching sciences in physical therapy;
  3. Designing and initiating research projects as well as increasing the production of national and international articles;
  4. Elevating the national scientific position in physical therapy at the international level;
  5. Playing the role of planner and policy-maker in order to promote social health and lining research with the real needs;
  6. Preparing suitable educational and research grounds in order to increase the scientific level of human resources; especially among the young human resources related to innovative activities in applied research;
  7. Capacitating the research potentials among researchers and experts of the center;
  8. Collaborating in designing and initiating joint national and international projects;
  9. Informing and publishing the suitable, valid, and reliable scientific achievements;
  10. training and in-service training of the physical therapists and physicians    


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