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 In 1899, Mr. Mirza Asghar Khan Amin-Al Soltan bought a piece of land in the most north eastern part of Tehran. The land was purchased to host Mozzafar Aldin Shah (then the king of Persia in the era of Ghajar Dynasty) to spend his recovery period due to his tuberculosis upon the recommendation of French physicians.

Following the death of Mozzafar Aldin Shah, the center was gradually being used as a nursing home for patients with tuberculosis. Later, years after the overthrow of the Ghajar Dynasty the land and its palace were left useless. At that time, by the efforts of the late doctor Massih Daneshvari in 1921, a school of nursing was established there upon obtaining permission from the Court of Pahlavi (the succeeding dynasty).Following these efforts in the 1940s, several buildings were constructed by the then Ministry of Health and charities.The hospital was later affiliated to Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences in 1986 as one of its educational centers.

The National Research Institute for Tuberculosis and Lung Disease (NRITLD) which is located at the heart of the physical area of the hospital was basically established in 1992, and in 1998, NRITLD and the hospital were merged whose name was changed to the Educational, Research, and Treatment Center for Tuberculosis and Lung Disease. In 1994, the hospital was for the first time selected by the WHO (World Health Organization) as the center for educating students in tuberculosis in the EMRO (Eastern Mediterranean Region). A year later, the center (the hospital) was selected by the Ministry of Health and Medical Education as the national scientific pole in teaching and training on tuberculosis and lung diseases. In 2005, the IDB (Islamic Development Bank) chose the center (the hospital) as the center for education for SRVP/TAO Bank. In 2007, MassihDaneshvari Educational Hospital was selected as the center for tuberculosis lab collaborations of IUALTD (International Union against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease). Still in 2008, it was selected by the WHO as the center for collaborations against smoking. Furthermore, in the same year, its mission for collaborations in education on tuberculosis was extended by the WHO. Presently, the center (the hospital) is the center for training on tuberculosis in the EMRO region, as well as the referral center for education and research in tuberculosis at the national level. 


 Massih Daneshvari Educational Hospital is determined to extend its educational and research activities and distinguish itself as an active, dynamic, and pioneering institute in providing services in respiratory health especially in lung diseases at high international levels. 

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