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Community nutrition is a branch in nutrition science which covers a vast area of food and nutrition related to individuals, families, and the needs of special groups residing in specific geographical locations. In this field, most people are regarded in the form of groups, community, and populations. Moreover, community nutrition has been defined as “the translation and conversion of nutrition in designing and managing effectively the suitable programs for the community, and bettering nutrition in order to prepare food and nutrition in the supervision of human rights and development”.  Community nutrition emphasizes on food safety achievements for the population, while the core of the nutrition in public health focuses on nutritional services. 


Preparing community educational grounds based on the national and unified culture depending on stable development which can follow the science of nutrition form the cell to community level and while promoting and developing service skills and initiatives of those graduated in the field, will be able to promote inter-sectoral approach in nutrition aiming at stable development considering the global plans and policies and the articles at both global and small scale levels. 


Preparing suitable grounds in education and research in line with movement towards reaching food and nutritional safety, aiming finally at bettering life style in Iranian communities 


1-Training community nutrition specialists aiming at inter-sectoral collaboration who can initiate the following:

  1. Designing and managing plans and policies related to food and nutrition and rendering effective, coordinated, and balanced services; 
  2. Training and applying bottom-up planning in managing food and nutrition plans in the country; 
  3. Establishing and initiating a unified inter-sectoral approach in education, research, and in-service education of food and nutrition; 
  4. Training and educating efficient human resources (leaders) in applying nutrition science and related fields in achieving food safety and nutrition in the community; 
  5. Justifying and attracting the support of the policy-makers and planners at global level for providing suitable nutrition at community levels; 
  6. Coordinating educational and research activities and developing and planning educational activities for offering courses in community nutrition through: 

1-Monitoring the methods of offering courses and studying and commenting on the text books and their contents in community nutrition; 

2- Reviewing and designing the research proposals, and offering them to the SBMU school of Nutrition Educational- Research Council; 

3- Annual evaluation of the department in order to present it at the educational and research councils; 

4- Reviewing and commenting on the curricula and revising the academic subjects as well as determining the contents of the courses based on the latest developments and achievements; 

5- Training skilled experts and specialists in nutrition science in various academic levels  

The Educational & Research Activities of the Department include the following: 

  1. Teaching community nutrition at BSC, MSC, and PhD in various fields; 
  2. Teaching and preparing curricula for all of the courses offered; 
  3. Supervising and evaluating the ways the courses are offered, both text-wise and content-wise based on the approved national global policies and plans;
  4. Authoring and translating scientific books and textbooks in the field of community nutrition in order to enhance students’ and researchers’ access;
  5. Designing and initiating research proposals;
  6. Training and supervising the students in their MSC proposals and PhD dissertations;
  7. Holding educational workshops for the academic staff, students, and those active in the field;

The Inter-Sectoral Activities of the Department: 

  1. Member of the Child Standardizing Food Committee (Ministry of Health); 
  2. Member of the National Committee of Child Nutrition in the Office of Deputy-Minister-In-Health Affairs of the Ministry of Health; 
  3. Member of the IMCI national Committee (Ministry of Health); 
  4. Member of the Consultative Committee of Child Dry Milk and Food (Ministry of Health); 
  5. Member of the Strategic Committee of “Developing National Act of Child and Teenage Health” (Ministry of Health; 
  6. Member of the Board of Directors of the Iranian Nutrition Association; 
  7. Member of the Board of Directors of the Iranian Scientific Association of Child Nutrition; 
  8. Member of the Board of Directors of the Iranian Scientific Association of Breast-Feeding 

Chairman of the Department: Professor Naser Kalantari 

Tel.: (+98)- 21- 2207- 7424

Academic Staff members of the Department of Community Nutrition of the SBMU School of Nutrition  



Research Interests

Educational Interests

Academic Rank

Field of Study


Naser Kalantari

Child Growth & Improvement; Integrated Management of Pediatric Diseases (MANA); Community Food & Nutrition Safety

Nutrition Evaluation; Nutrition in Various Life Cycles; Malnutrition Diseases & Their Epidemiology; Public Health; Food & Nutrition Ecology; Nutrition Services in Health Care & Food Planning

Associate Professor



Nasrin Omidvar

Food & Nutrition Safety; Designing & Evaluating Interventions for Changing Dietary Behaviors; Social Determinants of Nutrition

Nutrition Assessment; Nutritional Planning & Management; Nutrition of Specific Groups; Food & Nutrition Planning & Management

Associate Professor



Bahram Rashid Khani

Cancer Epidemiology in Nutrition

Disease Epidemiology; Biostatistics; Epidemiology of Nutrition

Associate Professor



Maryam Ghavam Sadri

Nutrition Education & Consultation; Malnutrition Diseases

Nutrition in Various Life Cycles; Malnutrition Diseases & Their Epidemiology; Food Services management


Health in Nutrition


Maryam Sadat Farvid



Associate Professor



Maray Shokoohi




Health in Nutrition


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