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The Department of Basic Sciences was formed in 1985 at the SBMU School of Nutrition Sciences and Food Technology targeting to promote and continue the education of basic sciences at the BSc programs in Nutrition as well as Food Science and Technology.  Presently, there are eight academic staff members at the department who possess the potentials for training both theoretically and practically as well as for conducting research in basic sciences and Cellular/Molecular Nutrition at various academic levels. 

In 2009, following the approval by the SBMU Academic Council, the department was re-named as “the Department of Basic Sciences and Cellular/Molecular Nutrition”.


The basic sciences are the fundamental basis in any academic field; the department therefore seeks to empower the students theoretically so they will be ready for their technical and specialized courses in Nutrition as well as Food Science and Technology programs.


A) General Goals:

1-Establishing a holistic ideology in various sciences;

2- Preparing the students for learning specialized courses in Nutrition as well as Food Science and Technology programs;

B) Specific Goals:

  1. Familarizing students with some of the humanities disciplines; such as economics, management, sociology, psychology, and so forth;
  2. Familiarizing the students with some pure and experimental sciences, such as mathematics, physics, chemistry, physical chemistry, organic chemistry, general chemistry, analytical chemistry, computer sciences, physiology, biology, parasitology, etc.;

Chairman of the Department: Professor Mostafa Mirghotbi

Tel.: (+98) -21- 2207- 7424

List of faculty members of the Department of basic Sciences & Cellular & Molecular Nutrition



Academic Interest

Academic Rank & Position



Behavioral Sciences & organizational Development

PhD (Assistant Professor)

Mostafa Mirghotbi (Department Chair)



PhD (Associate Professor) 

Zohreh Amiri



PhD (Associate Professor)

Hamid Zand


Social Psychologist

MSC (Lecturer)

Masoudeh Khalili


Medicinal Biochemistry

PhD (Assistant Professor)

Amir Hamzeh Pordal


Organic Chemistry (Metro- cyclic)

MSC (Lecturer)

Amitis Keyzad


Nutrition Sciences

MD, PhD (Assistant Professor)

Hossein Davoodi 



Nutrition Sciences

PhD (Assistant Professor) 

Katayoun Pourvali

The Staff and Researchers at the Department of Basic Sciences & Cellular & Molecular Nutrition of the SBMU School of Nutrition



Field of Study

Academic Rank & Position



Laboratory Experiments


BSc, Lab staff

Fatemeh Ehsani


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