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The SBMU Medical Ethics and Law Research center (MELRC) was founded in 2006 upon the approval by the Ministry of Health, Treatment, and Medical Education, and includes the following academic-research departments: 

1-The Department of Medical History

2- The Department of medical Ethics

3- The Department of Medical Fiqh,

4- The Department of Medical Law

5- The department of Legal Medicine,

9- The Department of Nursing Ethics,

6- The Department of Bi-Ethics,

7- The Department of Spiritual Health,

8- The Department of Medical Sociology,


  Among the activities conducted by the SBMU MELRC one may note to the publication of scientific and referral textbooks, academic-scientific journals, in the above mentioned various aspects; all published in four languages including Persian, Arabic, English, and French. Conducting joint research projects for advising graduate students, signing memoranda with the scientific-research national and international centers, offering educational course programs at various levels, active participation in national and international conferences and seminars, holding several national and international conferences, workshops, and symposia, membership in national and international scientific circles are all among the other activities performed by the center. 

 The SBMU MELRC director was nominated as the “Outstanding Professor” at SBMU in 2009, and 2012, respectively, for his works entitled “Medical Responsibility”, and Medical Bio-Ethics” at the SBMU Annual Research Festivals. Moreover, Professor Abbasi was nominated as one of the “Most Outstanding Professors” in 2011 in Koranic field, as well.

 The priorities of the SBMU MELRC are all related to its departments and there have been numerous research proposals conducted or under initiation.

 The SBMU MELRC has so far held three international conferences in Iran in 2007, 2008, and 2009 which all have been quite welcomed by the academic staff, professors, students, and researchers. 

 The center has held three fellowship period programs, and has been effectively admitting PhD students since 2008.

 The SBMU MELRC is going to admit PhD-Student-By-Research in 2013. Periodically, the center holds training programs in medical law and ethics at graduate and post-graduate levels, as well as workshops related to the field. 

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