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 The SBMU (PRC) Phytochemistry Lab: 

The facilities available presently at the SBMU (PRC) Phytochemistry Laboratory are used to isolate, and identify various herbs along with studying their chemical and pharmaceutical characteristics. These facilities include: 

1-Obtaining the essences from various parts of the herbs by Clevenger Apparatus;

2- Obtaining rotary evaporator in different solvents (methanol, ethanol, aqueous, etc.);

3- Isolating and identifying primarily the fractions extracted from herbal essences using various methods (preparatory & flash chromatography) 

The lab is equipped with the tools and machinery including PHLC Preparatory Tools, Rotary attached to a powerful vacuum pump, UV Detector, and tools and apparatuses for extracting, isolating, and primary identification of materials. 

 The SBMU PRC Pharmacology Lab: 

The SBMU PRC Pharmacology Lab is used to study the direct effect of the drugs and herbal essences on isolated tissues (aorta, colon, etc.) in in vitro condition with physiography in tissue bath under suitable condition and the lab documents the results obtained.

The instruments and tools available at the lab include an isolated tissue bath tool, a recorder, or documenter, an stimulator tool, a thermostat, and a recorder equipped with side tools such as ECG pressure transducer, instruments for recording the pressure, pulse, etc. 

 The SBMU PRC Cell Culture Lab:

This lab is used to study the characteristics and activities of the anti-oxidants of different herbs and neo-chemical compounds. The most important activities of the lab include methods for measuring cell toxicity by MTT Assay Method, and studying the biological activities of the synthetic and biological compounds. The instruments and tools currently available at the lab include a micro-plate reader tool, a CO2 Incubator, a Laminar Hood, a Nitrogen Tank, a Centrifuge, an Autoclave, and an Oven.

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