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 Research in response to the needs of the diagnostic (clinical genetic counseling) and in vitro interactions with Other research groups, including the Center for Genomics and Health System Research Group/

  • Identification of genetic research in the field of chronic diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, Neurodegenerative diseases, cancers through Byvbank (Biobank) and healthy individuals to step up disability or death.
  • Research on the development and implementation of new methods for molecular diagnosis.

Description of duties:

  • Develop education and training programs for the genetic counseling
  • Molecular diagnostic studies for new ways to apply them in the Less Developed
  • Research on the development and implementation of molecular diagnostic methods in dealing with the service center Department of Molecular Medicine and biological products and new products.
  • Commissioning and development of genetic diagnostic services (basic and advanced) country and regional requirements As a national reference laboratory
  • DNA bank set up and develop specific populations
  • Developing national Biobank

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