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Areas of activity:

  • Investigations related to the identification of genes and their role in the occurrence of any of the common cancers Environmental factors and how people live in their home country.

Description of duties:

  • Prepared pamphlets for the public and professionals, and they are constantly updated with Cancer Common
  • Conduct research to identify genes associated with specific markers (SNP) associated with cancers Prevalent in the country.
  • Establishing a database of SNP associated with common cancers
  • Formulating guidelines for screening (based on WHO guidelines) for preventive measures Cancer incidence in the country
  • Raw data analysis and preparation of the annual report of
  • Interaction with other research groups of the Department of Biological and genomic production processes and Health System
  • A complete and continuous close relationship with the Food and Drug Administration Deputy Cancer and ministry
  • Creation of scientific and medical research centers in the country
  • Establishing academic links with international research centers for cancer

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