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Areas of activity:

  • Public and professional information in order to prepare the environment and people's participation
  • Comprehensive integration plan, prevention, screening and control of genetic disorders in the national health system
  • Producing country bio bank

 Description of duties:

  • Comprehensive integration plan, prevention, screening and control of genetic diseases in coordination with the health system, department of Genetics, Ministry of Health
  •  Estimating the man power and equipment needed for the prevention, control and treatment of genetic diseases.
  • Studies conducted in the cost-effectiveness of ongoing and relevant reports to be submitted to relevant organization to promote insurance coverage (social security and health care organization)
  • Preparing instructions and guides
  • Determining genetic diseases burden
  • Educational programs related to the prevention and control of genetic studies in medical genetic education system
  • Developing educational content and training courses for the whole community (for change in the education system.
  • Secondary)
  • Program evaluation and monitoring of the implementation
  • Produced scientific evidence for macro policy planning ministers in the genomic
  • Recorded programs, referral and follow-up data of infants (anomalies recorded during birth)
  • Interaction and coordination with the new Service Center for Molecular Medicine
  • Close and continuous interaction with the administration of chelating genetics, cancer, and development of ministry
  • Establishing research partnerships, national, regional and international

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