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Following suggestions by the SBMU School of Allied Medical Sciences, the SBMU Research Council approved the establishment of the SBMU Proteomics Research Center in 2005. In just four years, the Center has published more than 200 articles and 110 article abstracts, and has conducted some 40 dissertations and 25 proposals. Based on the assessments by the Ministry of Health, Treatment, and Medical Education, the Center’s rank which had been 31 in 2009, upgraded to 8 in 2011. During the two consecutive academic years (2010 & 2011) and ranking indexes of the SBMU Research Festivals, the SBMU Proteomics Research Center has been awarded as the “Most Outstanding Non-Independent Research Center”. 

The Center is one of the most valid proteomics research centers nationally, and is capable of exporting knowledge and technology internationally. It has constant collaborations with TWAS. The Center’s collaborations with the SBMU Cancer Research Center in order to satisfy the research need at the national level have resulted in the admission of PhD Students By-Research. The Center has also collaborated with SBMU School of Allied Medical Sciences in developing PhD Curricula in Applied Proteomics and in Medical Informatics, as well as admitting students in the two fields.

 The Center has provided suitable grounds for training students in proteomics and new technologies in order to educate the specialized human resources. In line with rendering services and producing knowledge necessary for the health field, the Center has taken important steps as well, such as producing artificial skin from biological products with deleting stem cells.

The aim of performing new researches in the SBMU Proteomics Research Center is to achieve our objectives in preventing, treating, and recognizing the drug side effects of the human body. Boosting for having equipped proteomics, cell culture, electro-physiology, molecular biology, protein physical-chemistry, and medical informatics labs, the Center is quite capable of performing various research activities. The Center has also conducted many educational workshops due to its potentials. 

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