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  • A search for mechanisms involved in amyloid-beta peptide induced oxidativestress on isolated rat brain mitochondria and protective effects of Mangiferaindica L.and Juglans regia
  • Design, synthesis and evaluation of dipeptides as COX-2 inhibitor compounds.
  • Evaluation of temperature and pH on expression of recombinant streptokinase in Escherichia coli.
  • Evaluation of the effect of morphine rewardon protein levels of TRPV1 and CB1 receptors in rat hippocampus.
  • Investigating the possibility of using LacY substrates for recombinant clone selection.
  • Isolation and determination of chromatographic pattern of Caspian cobra proteins and polypeptides.
  • Preparation and characterization of GE-11 peptide conjugated liposomes encapsulating doxorubicin. 
  • Evaluation of anti-cancer activities of cyclopeptides designed as inhibitors of Cox-2 enzyme
  • Design and development of an appropriate expression vector containing elastin like polypeptide for the production of recombinant peptides and proteins
  • Construction of a recombinant expression vector, encoding single chain variable fragment (scFv), against human epidermal growth receptor 2
  • Study on the stabilization effects of ectoine on recombinant human growth hormone
  • Immobilization of human coagulation factor VIII on magnetic beads
  • Study of cytotoxic effects of buthotus schach scorpion venom in Dorsal Root Ganglion
  • Study and evaluation of binding affinities of different plasma coagualtion factor VII specific aptamers for recombinant coagulation factor VII
  • Evaluation of the effect of visible wavelength on cloning efficacy in Escherichia coli
  • Construction of a recombinant expression vector encoding the extracellular domain production of epithelial cell adhesion molecule
  • Evaluation of emulsion preparation technique on Lactoferrin stability as an approach for its topical administration for the treatment of HPV genital warts.
  • Preparation and evaluation of polymer coated magnetic nanoparticles as solid support for human coagulation factor VIII.
  • Design, development and in-vitro evaluation of a targeted therapeutic nanomolecules based on aptamer-miRNA conjugation
  • Determination of the miRNA internalization to the cells by RT-PCR technique after treatment by miRNA-nucleolin aptamer conjugate as a targeted drug agent in MKN-45 cancerous cell line
  • Preparation of a novel recombinant anti-microbial peptide based on magainin in E. coli.
  • Preparation and characterization of gamma interferon inhalation powder.
  • Development of analytical techniques for the assay of gamma interferon in inhalation powder
  • Synthesis of pal-KT dipeptide
  • Development of analytical techniques for the assay of pal-KT dipeptide
  • Preparation of pexiganan as an antimicrobial peptide by solid-phase chemical synthesis
  • Optimization of separation methods of exosomes secreted by human cardiac stem cells
  • Evaluation of protein expression in two ovarian cancer cell lines with different resistance pattern to cisplatin
  • Preparation of electrochemical nanosensores for the assay of rifampicin in biologic fluids

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