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The most notable accomplishments of the SBMU PSRC (Pharmaceutical Sciences Research Center) since its establishment may be listed as follows:

  1. Pessessing an active and up-to-date and independent website (
  2. There are many labs collaborating with the SBMU PSRC as follows: Toxicological Lab, Pharmacological Lab, Clinical Pharmacy Lab, Pharmacognosy Lab, Medicinal Chemistry Lab, Pharmaceutics Lab, and finally the Clinical lab;
  3. Having been equipped in suitable tools and space in audio-visual aspects, video-taping (both educational and research-wise) used by the academic staff, researchers, students, and interested parties;
  4. Having published the following:
  • INF (Iranian National Formulary, in Farsi), the most valid pharmacopeia in Iran, supervised by the Iranian Food and Drug Organization;
  • Untoward Drug Side-Effects (In Farsi);
  • Buffers: Basic Concepts and Applications (in Farsi);
  • The Study Protocols in Drug Products Stability (in Farsi) ;
  • Clinical Q/A in Asthma and COPD (in Farsi);
  • Applied Tabled for Physicians and Pharmacists (in Farsi);
  • Guidelines in Drug Industry (in Farsi);
  • Solutions, Suspensions, and Emulations (in Farsi);
  • Familiarity with Disease Signs for Pharmacists (in Farsi);
  1. Developing the SBMU PSRC Library, and purchasing new books and textbooks in pharmacy and basic sciences



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