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The training courses performed at the SBMU Pharmaceutical Sciences Research Center (PSRC) have so far been as follows:

  1. Admitting students at PhD-By-Research level;
  2. Providing sabbatical leaves at the national level entitled “Design, production, drug delivery, and the anti-cancer effects of biological agents”;
  3. Holding “Molecular Medicine Workshop”;
  4. Holding “Patent Registration Workshop”;
  5. Holding weekly seminars, including the seminar held by Professor Sayyad Farshad Hosseini, the SBMU PSRC director on “Ethical Codes in Pharmacy”; the seminar held by Professor McBorney, the director of Ottawa University entitled “ Translating Laboratory: Discoveries in Cancer Intoclinical Evaluation”; and other medicinal discussions about the “National Pharmaceutical Portal” held by a great group of pharmacists and managers of pharmacy companies;
  6. Holding Pharmaceutical Informatics Workshop”;
  7. Holding OOS Workshop (Out Of Specification Training Program);
  8. Holding the educational workshop on providing pharmaceutical file based on the CTD format;
  9. The visits paid to SBMU PSRC by the Beheshti University Technical School;
  10. Holding educational workshop of “Water in Pharmaceutical Industry” held at SBMU PSRC;
  11. The visit and oral presentation of the director of the Cancer Ward of the Ottawa University at the SBMU PSRC;
  12. Holding “GLP Educational Workshop”
  13. Holding the “Calibration and Volumetric Instruments and Elctro-Chemistry Tools (glass, samplers, dispensers, etc.);
  14. Holding the “Molecular Modeling and Docking”;
  15. Holding “Peer-Review Workshop” ;
  16. Visiting Razi Serum Manufacturing Company;
  17. Holding “Moral Health Conference” presented by Professor Sayyad Reza Feyz;
  18. Holding weekly seminars about the National Drug Portal;
  19. Holding a two-day “RT-PCR Workshop

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