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The SBMU PTRC research priorities are as follows:

  1. Studying sports injuries;
  2. Sports physiology and bio-mechanics;
  3. Rehabilitation and physical therapy of patients with cardiovascular diseases;
  4. Conducting interventional studies in physical therapy treatments;
  5. Physical therapy of patients with burns;
  6. New physical therapy techniques in diseases;
  7. Studying basics of loco-motor control and the role of its disorders in neurological patients;
  8. Bio-mechanics of musculo-skeletal system;
  9. Electrophysiology of disorders and neuro-muscular activities;
  10. Studying and standardizing electro-therapy tools and medical instruments;
  11.  New evaluation techniques in physical therapy patients;
  12. Standardizing innovations and inventions of physical therapists;
  13. Rehabilitation and physical therapy of neonates and kids;
  14. Analyzing activities in healthy and sick individuals;
  15. Studying magnet-therapy, shockwave-therapy, and iso-kinetics;
  16. Ultra-sonography of muscles in physical therapy;
  17. Studying and preventing osteo-muscular injuries (diagnosis, identification, prevalence) 

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