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 The facilities presently available at the SBMU Cellular and Molecular Biology Research Center (CMBRC) include the following:

In addition to having a library and biotechnology, cell culture, and tissue engineering labs, the SBMU CMBRC includes three research departments as follows:

  1. The Department of Biotechnology and Tissue Engineering;
  2. The Department of Developmental Biology and Stem Cell;
  3. The Department of Neurobiology 

 The Potentials of the SBMU CMBRC may be categorized as follows:

  1. Investigating and diagnosing various bacterial, and parasitic infections;
  2. Genotyping various microorganisms;
  3. DNA Vaccine;
  4. Designing diagnostic kits (Chlamydia trachomatis, toxoplasma Gondii, etc.)
  5. Mutation detection;
  6. Performing hybridization;
  7. Studying membrane systems and cell organelles using TEM;
  8. Performing embryo and cell culture
  9. Conducting different PCR methods including PCR, RT-PCR, and PCR-RFLP;
  10. Setting up therapeutic cloning and producing trans-genetic animals;
  11. Setting up, producing, and purifying neo-compund proteins;
  12. Performing various electrophoresis methods including PAGE, SDS-PAGE, CSGE, and TGGE;
  13. Performing different blotting techniques including Western Blotting, Southern Blotting, Northern Blotting, and Dot Blotting;
  14. Providing various RNA and DNA probes;
  15. Performing different chromatography methods including Affinity Chromatography, Gel Filtration, and Ion Exchange;
  16. Working with ELISA Technique;
  17. Producing mesenchymal stem cells from bone marrow and their differentiation;
  18. Performing in vitro fertilization;
  19. Conducting Cell Micro-manipulations;
  20. Performing vitrification;
  21. Doing Ultra-Structural Studies;
  22. Conducting Immuno-Histochemistry;
  23. Studying the effects of new drugs in treating skin diseases produced by fungi.

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