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Research Projects :

  1. Preparation of a plasmid for PCR product cloning and confirmation 
  2. Effect of L- carnitine on in vitro maturation of immature oocytes selected byBrilliant Cresyl Blue (BCB) staining 
  3. The design of Mycobacterium tuberclusis specific antibody scFv form by ribosomedisplay technique 
  4. Effect of L- Carnitine on developmental competence of mouse oocytes selected byBrilliant Cresyl Blue (BCB) staining until the blastocyst stage 
  5. Evaluation effect of methamphetamine administration on oocyte quality, fertilization rate and embryo development in mice 
  6. Evaluation of miR- 15a and miR-16 expression in sperms with DNA fragmentation ininfertile men 
  7. Preparation of a vector for easy screening of the recombinant plasmid 
  8. Derivation of oligodendrocyte progenitor cells(OPC) from embryonic stem cell onaligned and random PLLA scaffold 
  9. Molecular Identification of bacterial endosymbionts of Acanthamoeba isolatedfrom recreational water sources and swimming pools of Tehran 
  10. Evaluation the effects of low-level laser therapy on an osteoporotic bone modelin Bisphosphonate treated –rats 
  11. Comparison of IHC, FISH and quantitative real-time PCR for analysis of HER-2/neuin Breast Cancer patients in Iran.
  12. Correlation analysis of methylation pattern of CGG repeat expansion locatedupstream of FMR1 gene with expression of flanking genes and telomere length inneural cells generated from peripheral blood of mononuclear cells obtained frommales affected by fragile X syndrome and permutation carrier males 
  13. Synthesis of a PAMAM dendrimer nanocarrier functionalized by SRL for gene/drugdelivery to the brain 
  14. 21q22, 19p13, 12q24, 10q11, 3q22, 2q33 Loci analysis in patients with CADcompared with non CAD individuals 
  15. The effect of dsRNA on the human macrophages induction 
  16. Analysis of Cardiomyopathy Mechanism by Studying the Regulatory Role of Cdk9 onCardiac Specific microRNA Expression 
  17. Production of a recombinant Ecoli strain expressing mutant streptokinase 
  18. epigenetic evaluation of male pronucleus in mouse zygoft after injection of human sperm protamin deficient  
  19. Investigation of pro-apoptotic genes expression and DNA methylationmodifications in ovarian cancer 
  20. Synthesis ᵧ-polyglutamic acid modified dendrimers as a candidate of nano-carrierfor gene delivery agents in human breast cancer cell line 
  21. Preparation of pro vitamin D3-conjugated apolipoprotein E for targeted drugdelivery to Rat brain C6 glioma cells
  22. Application and Comparison of Loop-Mediated Isothermal Amplification (LAMP) technique with Conventional PCR and Nested-PCR Assays for Diagnosis ofToxoplasmosis Targeting B1 and a 529bp Repeat Element 
  23. Study of association between amplification and expression of HER-2, CCND1, MYC, AIB1 , NCoR , ESR1 and AKT genes and resistance to tamoxifen in primary breastcancer patients
  24. survey of resistance to betalactams and amnioglycosides in foodhandler by PCR in2013
  25. Mutation detection of human insulin receptor gene for type II debetics 
  26. Immuno histochemical localization of endothelial nitric oxide synthase (eNOS) enzyme in the human fallopian tube 
  27. Evaluation of the expression of 7SK non-coding RNA in human and mouse breastcancer cells 
  28. Investigation of candidate anti-apoptotic genes expression rates during 5-FUchemo-resistance in colorectal cancer cell line

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